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Find Secrets in Object


Regular Expression
PCRE2 (PHP >=7.3)



Given a JSON.stringified object that may contain secrets, obfuscate them for logging. It will match parameters with "token," "key," and "secret" in strings and key/value pairs. Specifically looks for object values with : setters``, strings with = setters and Authorization headers.

This regex will produce 2 groups for each match.

  • Group 1 will have object key/values and = param value pairs from strings such as query strings.
  • Group 2 will have authorization header keys
   secret: "hdsuaskleasdkfjs8e229das-43332",
   urls: {
      uri_1: "",
      uri_7: ""
   headers: {Authorization: "Bearer dasd/4EXAMPLEuCoAO8UaxuWUGXUtuzRJKdRTvKMVe3dJ9FN1SyF9n=="},
      auth_3: {Authorization: "App D4DEXAMPLE0BB1B2F12B5E97405C764CA45F"},
      auth_4: {Authorization: "IPSO dasd+F51EXAMPLEB63334AD3520894712D15D8F1105ED3DD"},
      auth_5: {Authorization: "Key hJdilwrEXAMPLEzM9616MJsDGBiK4qjeJFYB0zmHPxYNUrn8D54ycAN7gwedqHt0UiCWTb"},
auth_8: {Authorization: "Digest username=EXAMPLE, nonce=h8A4EXAMPLEZW22ygGZozIIGZcb43waVMEM6Gq, response='b4543cd4dEXAMPLE6a923b4ab4fd4583af48f0e'}
   apiKey: null,
   apiKey3: true,
   apiKey4: false,
   apiKey5: 'null',
   apiKey6: 'true'
Submitted by chadkluck - a year ago (Last modified a year ago)