Regular Expressions 101

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  • PCRE2 (PHP >=7.3)
  • PCRE (PHP <7.3)
  • ECMAScript (JavaScript)
  • Python
  • Golang
  • Java 8


  • Match
  • Substitution
  • List
  • Unit Tests
^(?i)([ !?¿¡.,;:—–'\x22\n\r-]|\x3C/?[ibuc]\x3E|\x3Cc:#[0-9a-fA-F]{6}\x3E|a+h+|o+h+|meh|e+h+|hm+|(g|a+r)r+|(a+|o+|e+)w+|b?p?g?ah+|phe+w+|o+uch|yack|n*h*u+n*h+|r*(u+|a+)r*n*g*h+|r+aa+|(e|h?i*|hi*-)ya+h*|heh*|a*ha+h*|oo+(f|h)|he+y|hyuh|whe+w|s+(s|h)h+|b?zz+t?|mm+|wh?(oo+|a+|o+a+)h?w?|wo+h?w?|bla+h*|whoo+sh|tsk|oi|mwah+|pff+t*|ps+(h|t)?|um+|ahem|wh?o+-ho+|(wh?)?oo+ps?(ie|y)?|e+u+gh+|y+ee+|bo+m)+$
All the errors detected are listed below, from left to right, as they appear in the pattern.
(?i) Regex101 only supports inline modifiers to be placed at the start of the regex for python (which is also best practice)
Your regular expression does not match the subject string.

Regular Expression
No Match


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