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C10000:	FFFF FFFF	

C1/0004:FFFF FFFF  

C1/0000:	FFFF FFFF  t  
C1/0004:	FFFF FFFF  ;
C1/0008:	- FFFF FFFF  ADC #
C0/FB6A: -	69 1000 +1	XBA #$0010
C0/FB6A: --	6 9 1 0 0 0 ++1  ADC #$0010
[Initial jump in this bank?]
C1/000C:	204000  	JSR $0040
C1/000F:	6B  	     	RTL
[Jumped to by Reset code $8008]
C1/0010: 5CE54CC1	JMP $C14CE5			[Jump to Reset 1-1]

C1/0014:	20304C +  	JSR $4C30			[Jump to Reset 1-2]
C1/0017: +	6B   -    	RTL
C1/0018:	5CFA4CC1	JMP $C14CFA
C1/0018:	5CFA4CC1

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