Regular Expressions 101

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  • PCRE2 (PHP >=7.3)
  • PCRE (PHP <7.3)
  • ECMAScript (JavaScript)
  • Python
  • Golang
  • Java 8
  • .NET 7.0 (C#)
  • Rust
  • Regex Flavor Guide


  • Match
  • Substitution
  • List
  • Unit Tests


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An explanation of your regex will be automatically generated as you type.
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  • All Tokens
  • Common Tokens
  • General Tokens
  • Anchors
  • Meta Sequences
  • Quantifiers
  • Group Constructs
  • Character Classes
  • Flags/Modifiers
  • Substitution
  • A single character of: a, b or c
  • A character except: a, b or c
  • A character in the range: a-z
  • A character not in the range: a-z
  • A character in the range: a-z or A-Z
  • Any single character
  • Alternate - match either a or b
  • Any whitespace character
  • Any non-whitespace character
  • Any digit
  • Any non-digit
  • Any word character
  • Any non-word character
  • Match everything enclosed
  • Capture everything enclosed
  • Zero or one of a
  • Zero or more of a
  • One or more of a
  • Exactly 3 of a
  • 3 or more of a
  • Between 3 and 6 of a
  • Start of string
  • End of string
  • A word boundary
  • Non-word boundary

Regular Expression
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Test String

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import java.util.regex.Matcher; import java.util.regex.Pattern; public class Example { public static void main(String[] args) { final String regex = "(?#This tag is the start of the paragraph)<p>(?# This lookahead makes sure paragraph isn't an empty line. Needs it.)(?![\\n|<])(?#This group captures the paragraph.)(.{0,500}?)(?#This negative lookahead/custom character class prevents <tags>)(?![^<][\\s]|[\\w]+[^>])(?#This tag is the end of the paragraph)</p>(?# This lookahead makes sure the paragraph ends at the end of the line.)(?=\\n|<div|<p>)"; final String string = "<!DOCTYPE html><html lang=\"en\" class=\"csstransforms3d\"> <head> <meta charset=\"UTF-8\"/> <meta \n" + "name='viewport' content='width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0' /><meta \n" + "http-equiv=\"Content-Type\" content=\"text/html; charset=UTF-8\" /> <title>Reverend Insanity Novel - Chapter \n" + "1 - Anime Daily</title><meta name=\"description\" content=\"Reverend Insanity Novel - Chapter 1. Chapter 1 –\n" + "The heart of a demon never has regret even in death “Fang Yuan, quietly hand over the Spring \n" + "Autumn\"/><script>var l = localStorage.getItem('hidenav'); if(1 == l) { var style = \n" + "document.createElement('style'); style.type = 'text/css'; style.innerHTML = '#story-chap #nav \n" + "{display: none} .container.chapter {margin-top: 10px}'; \n" + "document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(style); }</script><script>var ee = \n" + "localStorage.getItem(\"fluid-switchh\"); if(1 == ee) { var head = \n" + "document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]; var link = document.createElement('link'); link.rel = \n" + "'stylesheet'; link.type = 'text/css'; = 'style-light-switch'; link.href = \n" + "''; = 'all'; \n" + "head.appendChild(link); };</script> <link \n" + "href=\"\" rel=\"stylesheet\" \n" + "type=\"text/css\" media=\"all\"/> <meta name=\"robots\" content=\"max-snippet:-1, max-image-preview:large, \n" + "max-video-preview:-1\"/><link rel=\"canonical\" \n" + "href=\"\" /><meta property=\"og:locale\" \n" + "content=\"en_US\" /><meta property=\"og:type\" content=\"article\" /><meta property=\"og:title\" \n" + "content=\"Reverend Insanity Novel - Chapter 1 - Anime Daily\" /><meta property=\"og:description\" \n" + "content=\"Chapter 1 – The heart of a demon never has regret even in death “Fang Yuan, quietly hand over \n" + "the Spring Autumn Cicada and I’ll give you a quick death!” “Old bastard Fang, stop attempting to resist \n" + "anymore, today all of &hellip;\" /><meta property=\"og:url\" \n" + "content=\"\" /><meta property=\"og:site_name\" \n" + "content=\"Anime Daily\" /><meta property=\"article:section\" content=\"Uncategorized\" /><meta \n" + "property=\"fb:app_id\" content=\"151642093658647\" /><meta name=\"twitter:card\" content=\"summary_large_image\" \n" + "/><meta name=\"twitter:description\" content=\"Chapter 1 – The heart of a demon never has regret even in \n" + "death “Fang Yuan, quietly hand over the Spring Autumn Cicada and I’ll give you a quick death!” “Old \n" + "bastard Fang, stop attempting to resist anymore, today all of [&hellip;]\" /><meta name=\"twitter:title\" \n" + "content=\"Reverend Insanity Novel - Chapter 1 - Anime Daily\" /><link rel='dns-prefetch' href='//' \n" + "/><link rel='stylesheet' id='wp-postratings-css' \n" + "href='' \n" + "type='text/css' media='all' /><script type='text/javascript' \n" + "src=''></script><script \n" + "type='text/javascript' async=\"async\" \n" + "src=''></script><link \n" + "rel='' href='' /><link rel=\"alternate\" \n" + "type=\"application/json+oembed\" \n" + "href=\"\n" + "y-novel%2Fchapter-1.html\" /><link rel=\"alternate\" type=\"text/xml+oembed\" \n" + "href=\"\n" + "y-novel%2Fchapter-1.html&#038;format=xml\" /><link rel=\"icon\" \n" + "href=\"\" sizes=\"32x32\" \n" + "/><link rel=\"icon\" \n" + "href=\"\" sizes=\"192x192\" \n" + "/><link rel=\"apple-touch-icon-precomposed\" \n" + "href=\"\" /><meta \n" + "name=\"msapplication-TileImage\" \n" + "content=\"\" /><style \n" + "type=\"text/css\" id=\"wp-custom-css\">@media(max-width:767px){/*LongtimeRemove*/.chapter-nav .btn-group \n" + "a{width:52px}/*EndLTR*/.wallpaper{height:150px;position:absolute;display:block;width:calc(100% + \n" + "30px);margin-top:-15px;left:-15px;opacity:.7}.book img{border:3px solid \n" + "#fff;position:relative}.color-switch .book img{opacity:unset;filter:brightness(.7)}.color-switch \n" + ".wallpaper{opacity:.5}}@media(min-width:337px) and (max-width:991px){.nav \n" + "li.dropdown{width:50%;float:left;text-align:center;margin-top:-8px}.nav \n" + ".open>.dropdown-menu{width:200%!important}ul#menu-danh-sach>li{width:50%;float:left}ul#menu-danh-sach>li:\n" + "first-of-type,ul#menu-danh-sach>li:nth-of-type(3){border-right:1px dashed \n" + "#dcdcdc}.giai-nghia,ul#menu-danh-sach>li:first-of-type,ul#menu-danh-sach>li:nth-of-type(2){border-top:1px\n" + "solid #009688!important}ul#menu-danh-sach>li:nth-of-type(3),.dropdown \n" + ".dropdown-menu>ul#menu-danh-sach>li:last-child{border-bottom:none!important}a{padding-bottom:9px!importan\n" + "t}.open>.multi-column{margin-left:-100%}.dropdown-menu>#menu-danh-sach>li>a,.dropdown-menu>li>a{overflow:\n" + "hidden;white-space:nowrap;text-overflow:ellipsis;padding-right:5px}ul#menu-danh-sach>li:nth-of-type(2),ul\n" + "#menu-danh-sach>li:nth-of-type(4){border-left:none!important}.multi-column \n" + ".col-md-4{width:33.333333%!important;display:inline-grid!important}.multi-column \n" + ".col-md-4:nth-of-type(4){width:100%!important}.multi-column .col-md-4:nth-of-type(4) \n" + ".dropdown-menu>li{width:33.333333%;display:inline-grid}.multi-column .col-md-4:nth-of-type(4) \n" + ".dropdown-menu>li:nth-of-type(3n+1),.multi-column .col-md-4:nth-of-type(4) \n" + ".dropdown-menu>li:nth-of-type(3n-1){border-right:1px dashed #dcdcdc!important}.color-switch .multi-column\n" + ".col-md-4:nth-of-type(3) .dropdown-menu>li:last-child,.color-switch .multi-column \n" + ".col-md-4:nth-of-type(4) .dropdown-menu>li:nth-of-type(3n+1),.color-switch .multi-column \n" + ".col-md-4:nth-of-type(4) .dropdown-menu>li:nth-of-type(3n-1){border-color:#444!important}.navbar-nav \n" + ".open .dropdown-menu>li>a{padding:6px 5px 8px 15px}.multi-column .col-md-4:nth-of-type(3) \n" + ".dropdown-menu>li{border-left:none!important}.multi-column .col-md-4:nth-of-type(3) \n" + ".dropdown-menu>li:last-child{border-bottom:1px dashed #dcdcdc!important}.multi-column \n" + ".col-md-4:nth-of-type(4) .dropdown-menu>li:last-child,.multi-column .col-md-4:nth-of-type(4) \n" + ".dropdown-menu>li:nth-last-of-type(2),.multi-column .col-md-4:nth-of-type(4) \n" + ".dropdown-menu>li:nth-last-of-type(3){border-bottom:none!important}}@media (min-width:768px) and \n" + "(max-width:991px){.multi-column .col-md-4:nth-of-type(4) \n" + ".dropdown-menu>li:nth-of-type(3n+1){border-left:1px dashed #dcdcdc!important}.color-switch .multi-column \n" + ".col-md-4:nth-of-type(4) \n" + 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li{display:initial}a#binh-luan-fb button{margin:10px \n" + "0}.cate-info p{margin:0;padding:15px 20px;line-height:24px;color:#666}.color-switch .cate-info \n" + "p{color:#aaa}.list-none{padding:15px 20px!important}/*LongtimeRemove*/.cate-info h3{padding:0 \n" + "15px;color:#008c7f;font-weight:700;font-family:'Roboto \n" + "Condensed';font-size:16px;height:40px;line-height:40px;max-width:100%;white-space:nowrap;overflow:hidden;\n" + "text-overflow:ellipsis;}/*EndLTR*/.sticker-Hot{color:#ff9800}.color-switch \n" + ".sticker-Hot{color:#e38900}.sticker-New{color:#33d185}.color-switch \n" + ".sticker-New{color:#32a56d}ul.dropdown-menu li a,.index-cate a,.index-cate a \n" + "span{color:#d4345f!important}ul.dropdown-menu li a,.index-cate a,.index-cate a \n" + "span{color:#e38900!important}ul.dropdown-menu li a,.index-cate a,.index-cate a \n" + "span{color:#00b100!important}ul.dropdown-menu li a,.index-cate a,.index-cate a \n" + "span{color:#3974a9!important}ul.dropdown-menu li a,.index-cate a,.index-cate a \n" + "span{color:#b148b7!important}.index-cate a,.index-cate a span,ul.dropdown-menu li \n" + "a{color:#008c7f!important}.chap-ngan .chap_options{margin-left:5px!important;}.chap-ngan-duoi \n" + "#prev_chap{margin-right:5px}.chap-ngan{margin:15px 0}.chap-ngan .chap_options \n" + ".dropdown-menu.settings{right:-9.4em}.chapter-ngan .khung-ngan{min-height:unset}.chapter-content \n" + "p:last-child{margin-bottom:15px}.tt-tag a{color:#fff;display:inline-block;text-align:center}.tt-tag \n" + "a:first-letter,.post_tags a:first-letter{text-transform:capitalize}.post_tags{padding:5px 10px 15px \n" + "10px}.post_tags a{display:inline-block;margin:10px 5px 0;border:1px solid #009688;padding:2px \n" + "7px;border-radius:15px;font-size:14px}.post_tags \n" + "a:hover{background:#009688;color:#fff}input{border-radius:4px 0 0 4px!important}.post_tags \n" + "{background:#009688;color:#fff}.post_tags{background:#00b7a6}.tt-tag \n" + "small{padding:1px 10px 2px!important}.no-tag{background:#999}.moi_cap_nhat \n" + ".truyenhot_ul_customcol{font-family:'Roboto Condensed',sans-serif}.moi_cap_nhat \n" + "h3{line-height:unset}@media (min-width:1200px){.moi_cap_nhat .list-nowrap{max-width:311px}.moi_cap_nhat \n" + "h3 a{font-size:16px!important}.update_cate,.update_chap,.update_time{padding:0 \n" + "15px}.update_time{right:0;width:110px}.update_chap{right:110px;width:160px;margin-right:0}.update_cate{ri\n" + "ght:270px;width:187px;margin-right:0}.index-cate{padding:0 5px 0 36px!important}}@media \n" + "(min-width:768px){#wrap{overflow:hidden}.moi_cap_nhat .small-img{width:20px;height:20px;margin:10px 10px \n" + "0 \n" + "0}.update_cate,.update_chap,.update_time{position:absolute;overflow:hidden;text-overflow:ellipsis;font-si\n" + "ze:15px;border-left:1px dashed #dcdcdc;padding:0 14px 0 15px;margin-top:-41px}.moi_cap_nhat \n" + ".truyenhot_li_customcol{padding:0 0 0 20px!important;line-height:40px}.moi_cap_nhat \n" + ".list-nowrap{margin-top:0}.moi_cap_nhat \n" + ".tien_to{display:none}}.index-cate{font-size:16px;display:inline-block;width:50%;line-height:37px;border-\n" + "bottom:1px dashed #dcdcdc;padding:0 5px 0 \n" + "15px;overflow:hidden;white-space:nowrap;text-overflow:ellipsis;float:left}.index-cate:last-child{border-b\n" + "ottom:none!important}@media (min-width:337px) and \n" + "(max-width:991px){.index-cate:nth-last-of-type(2),.index-cate:nth-last-of-type(3){border-bottom:none!impo\n" + "rtant}.index-cate{width:33.333333%!important}.index-cate:nth-of-type(3n-1),.index_cate.row \n" + "div:nth-of-type(3n+1){border-right:1px dashed #dcdcdc}}@media \n" + "(min-width:992px),(max-width:336px){.index-cate:nth-of-type(odd){border-right:1px dashed \n" + "#dcdcdc}.index-cate a \n" + "span{font-size:12px;padding-right:2px;color:#009688;position:inherit;display:inline-block!important}}@med\n" + "ia (max-width:767px){.update_cate a{color:#777}.moi_cap_nhat h3 \n" + "a{overflow:hidden;white-space:nowrap;text-overflow:ellipsis}.update_time{position:absolute;right:15px;bac\n" + "kground:#fff;padding-left:5px;box-shadow:-10px 0 7px #fff}.color-switch \n" + ".update_time{background:#222!important;box-shadow:-10px 0 7px #222!important}.moi_cap_nhat .mini-chap \n" + "span{display:none}.moi_cap_nhat .mini-chap:before{content:'C.';display:inline}}@media (min-width:768px) \n" + "and (max-width:1199px){.moi_cap_nhat \n" + ".list-nowrap{max-width:246px}.update_cate,.update_chap,.update_time{padding-right:10px;margin-right:0}.up\n" + "date_time{right:0;width:105px}.update_chap{right:105px;width:137px}.update_cate{right:242px;width:145px}}\n" + "@media (max-width:1199px){#body_truyen .container .mgid_ads.row .mgbox{padding:0 \n" + "15px!important}.mgid_icon{margin-left:15px!important}.cate-info \n" + "p,.list-none{padding:15px!important}.moi_cap_nhat \n" + ".truyenhot_li_customcol{padding-left:15px!important}}.index-cate a span{display:none}.color-switch \n" + ".update_time,.color-switch .update_chap,.color-switch .update_cate,.color-switch \n" + ".index-cate{border-color:#444!important}.color-switch .update_time{color:#aaa!important}@media \n" + "(max-width:480px){.mgid_ads.row .mgheader{margin-bottom:6px}#wrap{min-height:calc(100% - \n" + "119px)}}.moi_cap_nhat \n" + ".chapter-text{color:#008c7f}.moi_cap_nhat{display:block;margin-bottom:15px!important}#list-index \n" + ".list.list-thumbnail.col-xs-12,.color-switch #list-index \n" + ".list.list-thumbnail.col-xs-12{box-shadow:none!important}/*livesearch*/@keyframes \n" + "searchwp-spinner-line-fade-more{0%,100%{opacity:0}1%{opacity:1}}@keyframes \n" + "searchwp-spinner-line-fade-quick{0%,100%,39%{opacity:.25}40%{opacity:1}}@keyframes \n" + "searchwp-spinner-line-fade-default{0%,100%{opacity:.22}1%{opacity:1}}/*MgidCss*/.mgid_ads.row{margin:0;ba\n" + "ckground:#fff;box-shadow:0 0 6px #e9e9e9}.mgid_ads.row .mgheader{line-height:39px;border-bottom:1px solid\n" + "#e5e5e5;padding-left:20px}#body_truyen .mgid_ads.row .mgheader span{margin:0;font-family:'Roboto \n" + "Condensed',sans-serif!important}#story-chap .mgheader span{font-family:'Roboto \n" + "Condensed',sans-serif!important}#body_truyen .mgid_ads.row .mgbox{padding:0 20px!important}#body_truyen \n" + ".ads_sidebar.mgid_ads.row .mgbox{padding:0 15px!important}.mgid_ads.row .mctitle \n" + "a{font-weight:normal!important;font-family:'Roboto Condensed',sans-serif!important;}.color-switch \n" + ".mgid_ads.row{background:#222!important}.color-switch .mgid_ads.row .mgheader,.color-switch \n" + ".chapter-content{border-color:#444!important}.chapter-content{border-top:1px solid \n" + "#dcdcdc;border-bottom:1px solid #dcdcdc;padding-top:10px;margin:15px 0}.chapter-ngan \n" + ".chapter-content{border-top:none!important}.chapter-ngan \n" + ".mgbox{margin-bottom:10px!important}.mgid_icon{display:block;margin:0 0 -40px \n" + "20px;line-height:40px;color:#eca314;font-size: \n" + "16px;z-index:1}.ads_sidebar.mgid_icon{margin-left:15px!important}.ads_sidebar \n" + ".mgid_icon{margin-left:15px!important}/*Gửi \n" + "Truyện*/.guitruyen.row{background:#fff;margin:0}.guitruyen-hang{line-height:41px;border-bottom:1px dashed\n" + "#dcdcdc;padding:0 15px}.guitruyen-hang span{top:2px;padding-right:7px;color:#008c7f}.guitruyen \n" + ".guitruyen-hang:nth-of-type(1) span{color:#e91e63}.guitruyen-hang \n" + "a,.guitruyen-hang:nth-of-type(3){color:#008c7f}.guitruyen-hang:last-child{border:none}.guitruyen.row>span\n" + "{position:absolute;line-height:40px;left:15px;font-size:16px;color:#008c7f}#list-index .widget_text \n" + ".title-list h4{padding-left:35px}.color-switch \n" + ".guitruyen-hang{border-color:#444!important}.truyen-info-after-ads{margin:10px \n" + "-15px}.trang-chu-de-cu-ads,.trang-ads-nguon-cap,.chuyen-muc-ads-nguon-cap{overflow:hidden;background:#fff\n" + "}.trang-chu-de-cu-ads{box-shadow:0 0 6px \n" + "#e9e9e9;margin-bottom:15px}.trang-ads-nguon-cap,.chuyen-muc-ads-nguon-cap{margin:7.5px 0}.list-truyen \n" + ".mgid_ads.row{box-shadow:none}.huy-bo{background:#fff;padding:0 5px 1px \n" + "5px;color:#ff9800;text-decoration:line-through;border-radius:3px 0 0 \n" + "3px;margin-right:5px;margin-left:-4px;font-weight:700}.huy-bo-mau{text-decoration:line-through;color:#ff9\n" + "800}.hoan-thanh-mau{color:#d26187}.truyen-info-after-ads .adsbygoogle{background:#fff;box-shadow:0 0 6px \n" + "#e9e9e9}.list-truyen > \n" + ".adsbygoogle{background:#fff}body,.col-tren{background:#f5f5f5}/*new-style*/.readed-dark{display:none}.co\n" + "lor-switch .readed-dark{display:unset}.color-switch \n" + ".readed-light{display:none}.inside-item,.thumb-inside-item{display:block;position:absolute;width:100%;lef\n" + "t:0;padding:5px 15px;text-align:center;z-index:1}.big-image1 .inside-item{padding:11px 15px}.de-cu \n" + ".sticker-hot,.de-cu .sticker-new,.decu-full{text-transform:uppercase;padding:1px 5px \n" + "1px;border-radius:2px;color:#fff;font-family:'Roboto Condensed',sans-serif;font-weight:700;margin:0 \n" + "2px;float:none}.de-cu .sticker-hot,.single_tien_to .huy-bo-mau,.single_tien_to \n" + ".tien_to_hot,.thumb-inside-item .huy-bo-mau,.thumb-inside-item .tien_to_hot{background:#eca314;border:1px\n" + "solid #e0990d}.decu-full,.single_tien_to .hoan-thanh-mau,.thumb-inside-item \n" + ".hoan-thanh-mau{background:#e91e63;border:1px solid #db1458}.de-cu .sticker-new,.single_tien_to \n" + ".tien_to_new,.thumb-inside-item .tien_to_new{background:#00b100;border:1px solid #00ab00}@media \n" + "(min-width:1200px){.big-image2 .decu-full,.big-image2 .sticker-hot,.big-image2 .sticker-new,.big-image3 \n" + ".decu-full,.big-image3 .sticker-hot,.big-image3 .sticker-new,.big-image4 .decu-full,.big-image4 \n" + ".sticker-hot,.big-image4 .sticker-new,.big-image5 .decu-full,.big-image5 .sticker-hot,.big-image5 \n" + ".sticker-new,.big-image6 .decu-full,.big-image6 .sticker-hot,.big-image6 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15px;top:15px}.big-image4 .inside-item,.big-image5 .inside-item,.big-image6 \n" + ".inside-item,.big-image7 .inside-item{width:130px;top:15px}.thumb-inside-item{top:0}.big-image4 \n" + ".decu-full,.big-image4 .sticker-hot,.big-image4 .sticker-new,.big-image5 .decu-full,.big-image5 \n" + ".sticker-hot,.big-image5 .sticker-new,.big-image6 .decu-full,.big-image6 .sticker-hot,.big-image6 \n" + ".sticker-new,.big-image7 .decu-full,.big-image7 .sticker-hot,.big-image7 \n" + ".sticker-new{font-size:11px;padding:1px 3px 1px}}@media (max-width:767px) and \n" + "(min-width:580px){.big-image2 .inside-item,.big-image3 .inside-item,.big-image4 .inside-item,.big-image5 \n" + ".inside-item,.big-image6 .inside-item,.big-image7 .inside-item{width:130px;top:15px}.big-image1 \n" + ".inside-item{top:15px}.thumb-inside-item{top:0}.big-image2 .decu-full,.big-image2 \n" + ".sticker-hot,.big-image2 .sticker-new,.big-image3 .decu-full,.big-image3 .sticker-hot,.big-image3 \n" + ".sticker-new,.big-image4 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".num-search,.color-switch .sidebar_list .sticker-hot,.color-switch .sidebar_list \n" + ".sticker-new,.color-switch .single_tien_to .hoan-thanh-mau,.color-switch .single_tien_to \n" + ".huy-bo-mau,.color-switch .single_tien_to .tien_to_hot,.color-switch .single_tien_to \n" + ".tien_to_new,.color-switch .thumb-inside-item .hoan-thanh-mau,.color-switch .thumb-inside-item \n" + ".huy-bo-mau,.color-switch .thumb-inside-item .tien_to_hot,.color-switch .thumb-inside-item \n" + ".tien_to_new,.color-switch .update_drop,.color-switch .update_full{color:#eee}.moi_cap_nhat \n" + ".sticker-hot,.sidebar_list \n" + ".sticker-hot,.update_drop{background:#eca314;border-color:#e0990d}.moi_cap_nhat \n" + ".sticker-new,.sidebar_list \n" + ".sticker-new{background:#00b100;border-color:#00ab00}.update_full{background:#ef3763;border-color:#db1458\n" + "}@media (max-width:767px){.moi_cap_nhat .sticker-hot,.moi_cap_nhat \n" + ".sticker-new,.update_drop,.update_full{font-size:11px;margin:1px 0 0 5px;padding:2px 3px \n" + "1px}.one-row{display:block}.cate_title{margin-bottom:12.5px!important}}.cate_title{text-align:center;disp\n" + "lay:block;margin:5px 0 20px;font-weight:700;font-family:'Roboto \n" + "Condensed';font-size:18px;text-transform:uppercase;padding:0 15px}.cate_title \n" + ".glyphicon{padding-right:4px;color:#eca314}.thumb-inside-item{padding:15px 0 0!important}.single_tien_to \n" + ".hoan-thanh-mau,.single_tien_to .huy-bo-mau,.single_tien_to .tien_to_hot,.single_tien_to \n" + ".tien_to_new,.thumb-inside-item .hoan-thanh-mau,.thumb-inside-item .huy-bo-mau,.thumb-inside-item \n" + ".tien_to_hot,.thumb-inside-item .tien_to_new{color:#fff;margin:0 2px;padding:1px 5px \n" + "1px;border-radius:2px;font-weight:700;display:inline-block!important;text-transform:uppercase;font-family\n" + ":\"Roboto Condensed\",Tahoma,sans-serif}.thumb-inside-item .hoan-thanh-mau,.thumb-inside-item \n" + ".huy-bo-mau,.thumb-inside-item .tien_to_hot,.thumb-inside-item \n" + ".tien_to_new{display:inline!important;font-size:11px;padding:1px 3px 1px;margin:0}.sidebar_list \n" + ".sticker-hot,.sidebar_list .sticker-new,.sidebar_list .update_drop,.sidebar_list \n" + ".update_full{font-size:11px;margin:1px 0 0 5px;padding:2px 3px 1px}.de-cu a{display:grid}@media \n" + "(min-width:768px){.one-row .col-main-1-moi-cap-nhat:nth-of-type(1),.one-row \n" + ".home-truyendecu:nth-of-type(1){margin-right:7.5px}.one-row \n" + ".col-main-1-moi-cap-nhat:nth-of-type(2),.one-row \n" + ".home-truyendecu:nth-of-type(2){margin-left:7.5px}.one-row:first-child \n" + ".col-main-1-moi-cap-nhat,.one-row:first-child .home-truyendecu{margin-top:0}.one-row:last-child \n" + ".col-main-1-moi-cap-nhat,.one-row:last-child .home-truyendecu{margin-bottom:0}}.color-switch \n" + "#truyen-slide .col-truyen-main .row{background:unset!important}.list h2 .glyphicon,.title-list \n" + ".glyphicon{color:#eca314}.info-chitiet .glyphicon{color:#009688}#list-index .col-truyen-side \n" + ".title-list,#truyen .title-list,.list .col-xs-12,.list .title-list,.list \n" + "h2{background:#fcfcfc}.color-switch #list-index .col-truyen-side .title-list,.color-switch #truyen \n" + ".title-list,.color-switch .list .col-xs-12,.color-switch .list .title-list,.color-switch .list \n" + "h2{background:#272727!important}.parentitem img{width:33px;height:33px}@media (max-width:480px) AND \n" + "(min-width:337px){.color-switch .normal-image1.big-image1,.color-switch \n" + ".normal-image1.big-image2{box-shadow:5px -5px 6px -6px #272727!important}.big-image3 \n" + ".inside-item,.big-image4 .inside-item{top:7px}}.search_bg .navbar-form \n" + ".input-group>.form-control{background:#f5f5f5;border:1px solid #eca314!important}/* 3 sticker */@media \n" + "(max-width:579px){.thumb-inside-item>.tien_to_hot+.tien_to_new+.hoan-thanh-mau{position:absolute;top:28px\n" + ";left:50%;margin:auto;transform:translate(-50%);line-height:14px}}@media (max-width:579px) and \n" + "(min-width:337px){.big-image5 .inside-item>.sticker-hot+.sticker-new+.decu-full,.big-image6 \n" + ".inside-item>.sticker-hot+.sticker-new+.decu-full,.big-image7 \n" + ".inside-item>.sticker-hot+.sticker-new+.decu-full{position:absolute;top:28px;left:50%;margin:auto;transfo\n" + "rm:translate(-50%)}}@media (max-width:336px){.de-cu>div:not(.big-image1) \n" + ".inside-item>.sticker-hot+.sticker-new+.decu-full{position:absolute;top:28px;left:50%;margin:auto;transfo\n" + "rm:translate(-50%)}}.chapter .chapter-content{word-break:break-word}</style> <meta property=\"fb:app_id\" \n" + "content=\"151642093658647\" /><script async \n" + "src=\"\"></script><script> window.dataLayer = \n" + "window.dataLayer || []; function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} gtag('js', new Date()); \n" + "gtag('config', 'G-4NSZSV2DER');</script><script async \n" + "src=\"\" \n" + "crossorigin=\"anonymous\"></script> <script type=\"text/javascript\"> var site = ''; \n" + "(function() { var po = document.createElement('script'); po.type = 'text/javascript'; po.async = true; \n" + "po.src = ''; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; \n" + "s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); })(); </script> </head> <body id=\"story-chap\"> <div \n" + "id=\"fb-root\"></div><script async defer crossorigin=\"anonymous\" \n" + "src=\"\n" + "ts=1\"></script> <div id=\"wrap\"> <div class=\"navbar navbar-default navbar-static-top\" role=\"navigation\" \n" + "id=\"nav\"> <div class=\"container\"> <div class=\"navbar-header\"> <button type=\"button\" class=\"navbar-toggle\"\n" + "data-toggle=\"collapse\" data-target=\".navbar-collapse\"> <span class=\"sr-only\">Show Menu</span> <span \n" + "class=\"icon-bar\"></span> <span class=\"icon-bar\"></span> <span class=\"icon-bar\"></span> </button><a \n" + "class=\"logo-h1\" id=\"trang-chu\" href=\"\" title=\"Anime Daily\"><img alt=\"Anime Daily\" \n" + "src=\"\" class=\"head-logo\"/></a><div \n" + "class=\"light-switch\"><button name=\"fluid-switchh\" id=\"fluid-yess\"><img class=\"light-on\" title=\"Light Off\"\n" + "alt=\"Light Off\" \n" + "src=\"\"></button><button \n" + "name=\"fluid-switchh\" id=\"fluid-noo\"><img class=\"light-off\" title=\"Light On\" alt=\"Light On\" \n" + "src=\"\"></button></div><div \n" + "class=\"readedpost\"><a title=\"Reading\" href=\"\"><img class=\"readed-light\" \n" + "alt=\"Reading\" height=\"25\" \n" + "src=\"\"><img class=\"readed-dark\" \n" + "alt=\"Reading\" height=\"25\" \n" + "src=\"\"></a></div> </div> \n" + "<div class=\"navbar-collapse collapse\"> <ul class=\"control nav navbar-nav\"> <li class=\"dropdown\"> <a \n" + "href=\"javascript:void(0)\" class=\"dropdown-toggle\" data-toggle=\"dropdown\"> <span class=\"glyphicon \n" + "glyphicon-list\"></span> Novel List <span class=\"caret\"></span> </a> <ul class=\"dropdown-menu\" \n" + "role=\"menu\"><ul id=\"menu-danh-sach\" class=\"menu\"><li id=\"menu-item-1237514\" class=\"menu-item \n" + "menu-item-type-post_type menu-item-object-page menu-item-1237514\"><a \n" + "href=\"\"><span class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-time\"></span>Reading</a></li><li \n" + "id=\"menu-item-1237516\" class=\"menu-item menu-item-type-post_type menu-item-object-page \n" + "menu-item-1237516\"><a href=\"\"><span class=\"glyphicon \n" + "glyphicon-edit\"></span>New Novels</a></li><li id=\"menu-item-1237517\" class=\"menu-item \n" + "menu-item-type-post_type menu-item-object-page menu-item-1237517\"><a \n" + "href=\"\"><span class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-refresh\"></span>Latest \n" + "Release</a></li><li id=\"menu-item-1237515\" class=\"menu-item menu-item-type-post_type \n" + "menu-item-object-page menu-item-1237515\"><a href=\"\"><span \n" + "class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-eye-open\"></span>Most Popular</a></li><li id=\"menu-item-1237518\" \n" + "class=\"menu-item menu-item-type-post_type menu-item-object-page menu-item-1237518\"><a \n" + "href=\"\"><span class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-check\"></span>Completed \n" + "Novels</a></li><li id=\"menu-item-1240767\" class=\"menu-item menu-item-type-post_type menu-item-object-page\n" + "menu-item-1240767\"><a href=\"\"><span class=\"glyphicon \n" + "glyphicon-check\"></span>All Novels</a></li></ul> </ul> </li><li class=\"dropdown\"><a \n" + "href=\"javascript:void(0)\" class=\"dropdown-toggle\" data-toggle=\"dropdown\"><span class=\"glyphicon \n" + "glyphicon-list\"></span> Genre <span class=\"caret\"></span></a><div class=\"dropdown-menu multi-column\"><div\n" + "class=\"row\"><div class=\"col-md-4\"><ul class=\"dropdown-menu\"><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Action\">Action</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Adult\">Adult</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Adventure\">Adventure</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Comedy\">Comedy</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Drama\">Drama</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Eastern\">Eastern</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Ecchi\">Ecchi</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Fantasy\">Fantasy</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Game\">Game</a></li><li><a href=\"\" title=\"Gender Bender\">Gender\n" + "Bender</a></li><li><a href=\"\" title=\"Harem\">Harem</a></li><li><a \n" + "href=\"\" title=\"Hentai\">Hentai</a></li><li><a \n" + "href=\"\" title=\"Historical\">Historical</a></li></ul></div><div \n" + "class=\"col-md-4\"><ul class=\"dropdown-menu\"><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"History\">History</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Horror\">Horror</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Isekai\">Isekai</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Josei\">Josei</a></li><li><a href=\"\" title=\"LGBT+\">LGBT+</a></li><li><a \n" + "href=\"\" title=\"LitRPG\">LitRPG</a></li><li><a \n" + "href=\"\" title=\"Lolicon\">Lolicon</a></li><li><a \n" + "href=\"\" title=\"Magic\">Magic</a></li><li><a \n" + "href=\"\" title=\"Magical\">Magical</a></li><li><a \n" + "href=\"\" title=\"Magical Realism\">Magical Realism</a></li><li><a \n" + "href=\"\" title=\"Manhua\">Manhua</a></li><li><a \n" + "href=\"\" title=\"Martial\">Martial</a></li><li><a \n" + "href=\"\" title=\"Martial Arts\">Martial Arts</a></li></ul></div><div \n" + "class=\"col-md-4\"><ul class=\"dropdown-menu\"><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Mature\">Mature</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Mecha\">Mecha</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Mystery\">Mystery</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Psychological\">Psychological</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Reincarnation\">Reincarnation</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Romance\">Romance</a></li><li><a href=\"\" title=\"School \n" + "Life\">School Life</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Sci-fi\">Sci-fi</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Seinen\">Seinen</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Shoujo\">Shoujo</a></li><li><a href=\"\" title=\"Shoujo Ai\">Shoujo \n" + "Ai</a></li><li><a href=\"\" title=\"Shounen\">Shounen</a></li><li><a \n" + "href=\"\" title=\"Shounen Ai\">Shounen Ai</a></li></ul></div><div \n" + "class=\"col-md-4\"><ul class=\"dropdown-menu\"><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Slice of Life\">Slice of Life</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Smut\">Smut</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Sports\">Sports</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Supernatural\">Supernatural</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"System\">System</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Traged\">Traged</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Tragedy\">Tragedy</a></li><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Uncategorized\">Uncategorized</a></li><li><a href=\"\" title=\"Video\n" + "Games\">Video Games</a></li><li><a href=\"\" title=\"Wuxia\">Wuxia</a></li><li><a \n" + "href=\"\" title=\"Xianxia\">Xianxia</a></li><li><a \n" + "href=\"\" title=\"Xuanhuan\">Xuanhuan</a></li><li><a \n" + "href=\"\" title=\"Yaoi\">Yaoi</a></li></ul></div><div class=\"col-md-4\"><ul \n" + "class=\"dropdown-menu\"><li><a href=\"\" \n" + "title=\"Yuri\">Yuri</a></li></ul></div></div></div></li> <li class=\"header-menu\"></li> </ul> <form \n" + "class=\"navbar-form navbar-right\" action=\"\" role=\"search\"> <div class=\"input-group\">\n" + "<input data-swplive=\"true\" class=\"form-control\" type=\"text\" name=\"s\" placeholder=\"Search novel...\" \n" + "value=\"\" onkeydown=\"event.stopPropagation();\" required> <div class=\"input-group-btn\"> <button class=\"btn \n" + "btn-default\" type=\"submit\"> <span class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-search\"></span> </button> </div> </div> \n" + "</form> <div class=\"navbar-social navbar-right visible-md visible-lg\"> </div> <div class=\"navbar-social \n" + "navbar-right visible-md visible-lg\"> </div> </div> </div> <div class=\"navbar-breadcrumb\"> <div \n" + "class=\"container breadcrumb-container\"><ol class=\"breadcrumb\" itemscope=\"\" \n" + "itemtype=\"\"><li itemprop=\"itemListElement\" itemscope \n" + "itemtype=\"\"><a href=\"\" accesskey=\"1\"><span \n" + "class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-home\"></span></a><a href=\"\" title=\"Home\" \n" + "itemprop=\"item\"><span 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glyphicon-hand-right\"></span><h1>Join our <strong><a href=\"\" \n" + "target=\"_blank\">Discord server</a></strong> for more discussion!</h1></div> </div> </div><div \n" + "class=\"container chapter\" style=\"margin-bottom:5px;\"> <div class=\"row\"> <div class=\"col-xs-12\"> <button \n" + "type=\"button\" class=\"btn btn-responsive hide-header-btn toggle-nav-open\"><span class=\"glyphicon \n" + "glyphicon-menu-up\"></span></button> <h2 style=\"display:block\"><a class=\"truyen-title\" \n" + "href=\"\" title=\"Reverend Insanity Novel\">Reverend \n" + "Insanity Novel</a></h2> <h2 style=\"margin-bottom:15px\"><a class=\"chapter-title\" \n" + "href=\"\" title=\"Reverend Insanity Novel - \n" + "Chapter 1\">Chapter 1</a></h2><div class=\"chapter-nav\"><div class=\"btn-group\"><a class=\"btn btn-success \n" + "disabled\" href=\"javascript:void(0)\" title=\"No previous chapter\" id=\"prev_chap\"><span class=\"glyphicon \n" + "glyphicon-chevron-left\"></span> <span 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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || \n" + "[]).push({});</script></div> <div class=\"chapter-content\"> <p><strong>Chapter 1 – The heart of a demon \n" + "never has regret even in death</strong></p><p>“Fang Yuan, quietly hand over the Spring Autumn Cicada and \n" + "I’ll give you a quick death!”</p><p>“Old bastard Fang, stop attempting to resist anymore, today all of \n" + "the major factions of justice have combined together just to destroy your devil lair. This place is \n" + "already covered in inescapable nets, this time you will definitely be decapitated!”</p><p>“Fang Yuan you \n" + "damn demon, just because you wanted to cultivate the Spring Autumn Cicada, you’ve gone and killed \n" + "thousands of people. You’ve committed too many unforgivable, heinous sins!“</p><p>“Demon, 300 years ago \n" + "you insulted me, took away my body’s purity, killed my entire family and executed my nine generations. \n" + "From that moment onwards, I hated you with a burning passion! Today, I want you to \n" + "die!”</p><p>……</p><p>Fang Yuan was in deep green robes that had been torn to shreds. His hair was \n" + "disheveled and his entire body was covered in blood. He looked around.</p><p>The bloody robes waved \n" + "lightly in the mountain breeze like a war flag.</p><p>Fresh blood flowed from the numerous wounds on the \n" + "body. Just by standing there for a short while, Fang Yuan had already accumulated a large pool of blood \n" + "beneath his feet.</p><p>Enemies surrounded him all around; there was already no way out.</p><p>It was a \n" + "forgone conclusion that he would die here.</p><p>Fang Yuan understood his situation clearly, but even in \n" + "the face of death his expression did not change, it was calm.</p><p>His gaze was quiet, his eyes like \n" + "deep pools of water in a well, so deep that there seemed to be no end.</p><p>The major factions of \n" + "justice that had surrounded him were not just the experienced elders, but also young and talented heroes.\n" + "Around the heavily surrounded Fang Yuan, some were roaring, some were sneering; there were eyes that were\n" + "gleaming with light, some holding onto their wounds while looking on fearfully.</p><p>They did not move; \n" + "everyone was wary of Fang Yuan’s final attack.</p><p>For 6 hours this tense moment went on until the \n" + "evening came, the sun casting its rays upon the side of the mountain. In that moment, it was as if the \n" + "place was on fire.</p><p>Fang Yuan, who had been silent as a sculpture the entire time, slowly turned his\n" + "body.</p><p>The group of warriors was suddenly alerted and they all took a big step backwards.</p><p>By \n" + "now the gray mountain rock beneath Fang Yuan’s feet had long been stained a deep red. Due to losing too \n" + "much blood, his face had become deathly pale; in the afterglow of the sunset, it suddenly had a brilliant\n" + "luster upon it.</p><p>Looking at the setting sun, Fang Yuan lightly laughed. “The sun sets above the blue\n" + "mountain, the autumn moon with the wind of spring. The morning is fine like hair and night is like snow, \n" + "whether you succeed or fail when you look back there’s nothing left.”</p><p>As he said this, memories of \n" + "his previous life on Earth emerged before his eyes.</p><p>He was originally a Chinese scholar on Earth \n" + "who chanced upon this world. He endured a hard life for 300 years and went through another 200 years; \n" + "about over 500 years of his life flew by in the blink of an eye.</p><p>So many memories that were buried \n" + "deep inside the heart begun to relive themselves, sprouting into life before his eyes.</p><div \n" + "style=\"margin-bottom:40px\"><script async \n" + "src=\"\" \n" + "crossorigin=\"anonymous\"></script><ins class=\"adsbygoogle\" style=\"display:block\" \n" + "data-ad-client=\"ca-pub-4348605768189113\" data-ad-slot=\"5199262883\" data-ad-format=\"auto\" \n" + "data-full-width-responsive=\"true\"></ins><script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || \n" + "[]).push({});</script></div><p>“I failed in the end.” Fang Yuan sighed in his heart emotionally, yet \n" + "there were no regrets.</p><p>This end result was something he had foreseen. When he made his decision in \n" + "the beginning, he had prepared himself for this.</p><p>To be a demon is to be merciless and cruel, a \n" + "murderer and destroyer. There is no place in heaven or earth for such a thing – turning into an enemy to \n" + "the world, still having to face the consequences.</p><p>“If the Spring Autumn Cicada that I have just \n" + "cultivated is effective, I shall still be a demon in my next life!” With this thought, Fang Yuan couldn’t\n" + "help but let out a big laugh.</p><p>“Wicked demon, what are you laughing about?”</p><p>“Be careful \n" + "everyone, the demon is going to attack before his final moments!”</p><p>“Hurry up and surrender the \n" + "Spring Autumn Cicada!!”</p><p>The group of warlords surged forward; at this moment, with a loud bang, \n" + "Fang Yuan was engulfed in a blinding surge of energy.</p><p>……</p><p>The spring rain quietly rained down \n" + "on Qing Mao Mountain.</p><p> It was already late in the night, a slight breeze blowing with the light \n" + "rain.</p><p>Yet Qing Mao Mountain was not covered in darkness; from the side down to the foot of the \n" + "mountain, dozens of tiny lights shone like a bright band.</p><p>These lights shone from tall buildings, \n" + "even though it could not be said to match up to ten thousand lights, yet it was still a few thousand in \n" + "number.</p><p>Situated on the mountain was Gu Yue(1) Village, giving the vast lonely mountain a rich \n" + "touch of human civilization.</p><p>In the middle of the Gu Yue Village was a magnificent pavilion. A \n" + "grand ceremony was being held at this moment, and the lights were even brighter than ever, radiating with\n" + "glory.</p><p></p><p>“Ancestors, please bless us! We pray that this ceremony will bring many young men of \n" + "outstanding talent and intelligence, bringing their families new blood and hopes!” The head of the Gu Yue\n" + "clan had a middle-aged appearance, his sideburns were graying and he was clothed in ceremonial white \n" + "robes, kneeling on the brownish yellow floor. His body was straight with his hands held together, eyes \n" + "tightly shut as he prayed sincerely.</p><p>He was facing a tall black case; there were three layers on \n" + "the case, all housing memorial tablets of ancestors. On both sides of the tablets was copper incense, the\n" + "smoke rising.</p><p>Behind him were over 10 people kneeling in a similar fashion as him. They wore loose \n" + "white ceremonial garments, and were all the clan’s elders, important members, and those who had much \n" + "authority.</p><p>After finishing prayers, the Gu Yue clan head bent his waist with his two hands pressing\n" + "against the floor and kowtowed. As the forehead knocked against the brownish yellow floor, light thuds \n" + "could be heard.</p><p>Behind him, the elders and important clan members solemnly and quietly followed \n" + "suit.</p><p>With this, the hall was filled with light thuds as the heads knocked against the \n" + "floor.</p><p>When the ceremony was over, the crowd of people slowly got up from the ground and silently \n" + "walked out of the sacred temple.</p><div style=\"margin-bottom:40px\"><script async \n" + "src=\"\" \n" + "crossorigin=\"anonymous\"></script><ins class=\"adsbygoogle\" style=\"display:block\" \n" + "data-ad-client=\"ca-pub-4348605768189113\" data-ad-slot=\"1260017876\" data-ad-format=\"auto\" \n" + "data-full-width-responsive=\"true\"></ins><script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || \n" + "[]).push({});</script></div><p>In the hallway, sighs of reliefs were heard from the crowd of elders and \n" + "the atmosphere loosened up. The noise of discussion slowly rose.</p><p>“Time flies too quickly, in the \n" + "blink of an eye, a year has gone by.”</p><p>“The previous ceremony feels like it just happened yesterday,\n" + "I can still recall it vividly.”</p><p>“Tomorrow is the opening of the annual grand ceremony, I wonder \n" + "what new clan blood will show up this year?”</p><p>“Ah, I hope that some highly talented youths will \n" + "appear. The Gu Yue clan hasn’t seen a genius emerge for three years now.”</p><p>“Agreed. The Bai Village,\n" + "Xiong Village these few years all had some talented geniuses appear. Especially that Bai Ning Bing from \n" + "the Bai clan, his natural talent is quite terrifying.”</p><p>It was unclear who had brought up the name \n" + "Bai Ning Bing, but the faces of the elders started to show worry.</p><p>The boy’s qualifications were \n" + "splendid; in just a short period of two years worth of training, he had already reached the level of a \n" + "level three Gu Master.</p><p> In the younger generation, he could be said as the most outstanding one. It\n" + "was to the point that even the older generation could feel pressured from the promising youth.</p><p>In \n" + "time, he would inevitably become the pillar of the Bai clan. At the very least he would also be an \n" + "independently strong warrior. No one ever doubted this fact.</p><p>“But for this year’s youths that will \n" + "be participating in the ceremony, not all hope is lost.”</p><p>“You’re right, Fang Zhi’s side has \n" + "appeared a young genius. Able to start talking after three months, able to walk after four. At five years\n" + "of age he was able to recite poetry, seems exceptionally intelligent, especially talented. What a pity \n" + "that his parents died early, now he is being raised by his uncle and aunt.”</p><p>“Yes, this one has \n" + "wisdom at a young age, also harboring big ambitions. In the recent years I have heard his creations \n" + "‘Jiang Jing Jiu’, ‘Yong Mei’ and ‘Jiang Cheng Zi’, what a genius!”</p><p>The Gu Yue clan head was the \n" + "last to walk out of the ancestral temple. After slowly closing the door, he heard the discussions that \n" + "were going on in the corridor among the clan elders.</p><p>He knew at once that the elders were \n" + "discussing about the youth known as Gu Yue Fang Yuan at that moment.</p><p> As the head of the clan, it \n" + "is natural to pay attention to the outstanding and prominent young ones. And it so happens that Gu Yue \n" + "Fang Yuan was the most eye-catching one amongst the juniors.</p><p>Experience has shown that those who \n" + "have photographic memory at a young age, or those who possess strength that could rival an adult, or had \n" + "other great inborn talents, all had outstanding cultivation qualifications.</p><p>“If this child shows A \n" + "grade potential, with great care he could even compete against Bai Ning Bing. Even if it is B grade, in \n" + "future he could also become a banner of the Gu Yue Clan. But with this sort of early intelligence, the \n" + "percentage of B grade is not that big, but highly possible to be an A grade.” With this thought, the Gu \n" + "Yue clan head curled up his lips slowly into a smile.</p><p>At once, with a cough he faced the clan \n" + "elders and said, “Everyone, the hour is late, for tomorrow’s opening ceremony you should all rest well \n" + "tonight and take care of your energy levels.”</p><p>At his words, the elders looked startled. They looked\n" + "at each other with a hint of caution in their eyes.</p><p>The clan head’s words meant well, but everyone \n" + "knew what he was aiming to convey.</p><p></p><p>Every year to compete for these young geniuses, the \n" + "elders would fight among themselves to the point of reddened ears and bleeding heads.</p><div \n" + "style=\"margin-bottom:40px\"><script async \n" + "src=\"\" \n" + "crossorigin=\"anonymous\"></script><ins class=\"adsbygoogle\" style=\"display:block\" \n" + "data-ad-client=\"ca-pub-4348605768189113\" data-ad-slot=\"7633854536\" data-ad-format=\"auto\" \n" + "data-full-width-responsive=\"true\"></ins><script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || \n" + "[]).push({});</script></div><p>They should stay well rested and replenish themselves until tomorrow comes\n" + "where the competition begins.</p><p>Especially with that Gu Yue Fang Yuan, whose A grade potential was \n" + "extremely huge. Not counting the fact that both his parents were deceased, and also that he was one of \n" + "the two only descendants of Fang Zhi’s bloodline left. If one was able to get their hands on and bring \n" + "him into their own family line, with great care and training, one could secure himself a hundred years of\n" + "prosperity!</p><p>“However, I’m going to go ahead and say what needs to be said first. When you compete, \n" + "do it fair and square; no tricks and conspiracies are allowed, or damage to the clan’s unity. Please keep\n" + "this in mind, all of you!” The clan head strictly instructed.</p><p>“We wouldn’t dare, we wouldn’t \n" + "dare.”</p><p> “We’ll keep it in mind.”</p><p>“Then this is good night, please take care.”</p><p>The clan \n" + "elders slowly dispersed with deep thoughts.</p><p>Not long after that, the long corridor became quiet. \n" + "The wind from the spring rain breezed through the window, and the clan head lightly walked towards the \n" + "window.</p><p>Immediately, he breathed in the fresh moist air of the mountain, how refreshing it \n" + "felt.</p><p>This was the third floor of the garret; the clan head looked out of the window. He could see \n" + "half of the entire Gu Yue Village.</p><p>Even if it was late in the night, most of the homes in the \n" + "village still had lights on, which was unusual.</p><p>Tomorrow is the opening ceremony, and it affects \n" + "everyone’s best interests. A kind of excited yet tense atmosphere had enveloped the hearts of the people \n" + "of the clan, and thus naturally many people could not sleep well.</p><p>“This is the hopes for the clan’s\n" + "future.” With the many lights dancing in his eyes, the clan head sighed.</p><p>At the very same moment, a\n" + "pair of clear eyes quietly looked at the same lights sparkling in the night, full of complex feelings \n" + "inside.</p><p>“Gu Yue Village, this is 500 years ago?! Looks like the Spring Autumn Cicada really \n" + "worked…” Fang Yuan quietly gazed, standing by the window, letting the rain from the wind hit his \n" + "body.</p><p>The use of the Spring Autumn Cicada is to reverse time. In the Ten Big Mystical <em>Gu</em> \n" + "rankings, the Spring Autumn Cicada managed to be ranked seven, naturally it was no mere \n" + "creature.</p><p>In short, it is the ability to be reborn.</p><p>“With the use of the Spring Autumn Cicada\n" + "I have been reborn, going back to the time of 500 years ago!” Fang Yuan stretched out his hand, his sight\n" + "fixated on his own young and soft, pale palms, then slowly clenched them, embracing the truth of this \n" + "reality with all his might.</p><p>The sound of the drizzling rain hitting softly against the window sill \n" + "filling his ears, he slowly closed his eyes, opening them after a long while. He sighed, “500 years of \n" + "experience, it really feels like a dream.”</p><p>But he knew it clearly: This was definitely not a \n" + "dream.</p><hr><p><strong>TL Note:</strong></p><p>This novel has another name, Daoist Gu.</p><p>The \n" + "Chinese name is 《蛊真人》pronounced as <em>Gu Zhen Ren</em>, <em>Gu</em> is the name of the mystical \n" + "bugs that are used in this novel. I used the name Reverend Insanity because I felt that it fit more than \n" + "Daoist Gu; the main character is by no means a saint or a good person. In fact as a warning, you can say \n" + "that the MC is a pretty ruthless villain, so do expect a roller coaster coming your way.</p><hr><p>(1) Gu\n" + "Yue: It means Ancient Moon in direct translation. The clan kinda has an affinity with moon things. The \n" + "‘Gu’ used in here is a different chinese character from the mystical <em>Gu</em> insects.</p></p> \n" + "</div><div class=\"chuong-ads-footer\"><script async \n" + "src=\"\" \n" + "crossorigin=\"anonymous\"></script><ins class=\"adsbygoogle\" style=\"display:block\" \n" + "data-ad-format=\"autorelaxed\" data-ad-client=\"ca-pub-4348605768189113\" \n" + "data-ad-slot=\"5362914412\"></ins><script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || \n" + "[]).push({});</script></div> <hr class=\"chapter-end\"/> <div class=\"chapter-nav\"> <input type=\"hidden\" \n" + "id=\"id_post\" value=\"2771236\"> <input type=\"hidden\" id=\"chapter-id\" value=\"2771238\"> <input type=\"hidden\" \n" + "id=\"chapter-num\" value=\"2771238\"> <div class=\"btn-group\"> <a class=\"btn btn-success disabled\" \n" + "href=\"javascript:void(0)\" title=\"No previous chapter\" id=\"prev_chap\"><span class=\"glyphicon \n" + "glyphicon-chevron-left\"></span> <span class=\"hidden-xs\">Previous</span></a> <button type=\"button\" \n" + "class=\"btn btn-success\" id=\"chapter_jump_bottom\"><span class=\"glyphicon \n" + "glyphicon-list-alt\"></span></button> <a class=\"btn btn-success\" id=\"next_chap\" \n" + "href=\"\"><span class=\"hidden-xs\">Next</span> \n" + "<span class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-chevron-right\"></span></a> </div><div> <button type=\"button\" class=\"btn \n" + "btn-warning\" id=\"chapter_error\" style=\"display: inline-block\"><span class=\"glyphicon \n" + "glyphicon-exclamation-sign\"></span> Report Error</button><a href=\"#\" id=\"binh-luan-fb\"><button \n" + "type=\"button\" class=\"btn btn-success\"><span class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-pencil\"></span> \n" + "Comment</button></a></div> <div class=\"bg-info text-center visible-md visible-lg box-notice\">Use the \n" + "arrow keys (or A/D) for NEXT/BACK chapter.</div> </div> </div> </div></div><div class=\"container \n" + "col-main-full\" id=\"truyen-slide\"><div class=\"list list-side list-truyen col-xs-12 col-sm-12 col-md-8 \n" + "col-truyen-main col-truyen-main-full col-main-3\" id=\"truyen-slide\" style=\"margin-bottom: 15px;box-shadow:\n" + "0 0 6px #e9e9e9;\"><h2 class=\"h2-custom-col\"><span class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-pencil\" id=\"comment\" \n" + "style=\"padding-top:11px\"></span>&nbsp;Comment</h2><div style=\"background:#ffffff;padding: 0px 7px;\"><div \n" + "class=\"fb-comments\" data-href=\"\" data-width=\"100%\" \n" + "data-numposts=\"10\" data-colorscheme=\"light\" \n" + "data-order-by=\"reverse_time\"></div></div></div></div></div><div class=\"footer\"><div \n" + "class=\"container\"><div class=\"hidden-xs col-sm-6 foot-gioithieu\"><p><strong>Novels For You, \n" + "Everyday!</strong></p>Light Novel | Web Novel | Chinese Novel | Japanese & Korean Novel Online</div><ul \n" + "class=\"col-xs-12 col-sm-6 list-unstyled\"><li class=\"text-right pull-right\"><p>Copyright © 2017 \n" + "<strong>ANIMEDAILY.NET</strong></p><p><strong><a href=\"\" \n" + "target=\"_blank\">Site Status</a> | <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Privacy\n" + "Policy</a> | <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">ToS</a> | <a \n" + "href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Contact \n" + "Us</a></strong></p></li></ul></div></div><script>siteurl = '';</script><script \n" + "src=\"\"></script><style \n" + "type=\"text/css\">.searchwp-live-search-results { opacity: 0; transition: opacity .25s ease-in-out; \n" + "-moz-transition: opacity .25s ease-in-out; -webkit-transition: opacity .25s ease-in-out; height: \n" + "0; overflow: hidden; z-index: 9999995; /* Exceed SearchWP Modal Search Form overlay. */ \n" + "position: absolute; display: none; } .searchwp-live-search-results-showing { display: block; \n" + "opacity: 1; height: auto; overflow: auto; } .searchwp-live-search-no-results { \n" + "padding-top: 13px; text-align: center; line-height: 26px } \n" + ".searchwp-live-search-no-min-chars:after { content: \"Add more words...\"; display: block; \n" + "text-align: center; padding-top: 50px; }</style><script type='text/javascript'>/* <![CDATA[ */\n" + "var ratingsL10n = \n" + "{\"plugin_url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/wp-content\\/plugins\\/wp-postratings\",\"ajax_url\":\"https:\\/\\/anime\n" + "\\/wp-admin\\/admin-ajax.php\",\"text_wait\":\"Please rate only 1 item at a \n" + "time.\",\"image\":\"stars_crystal\",\"image_ext\":\"gif\",\"max\":\"5\",\"show_loading\":\"0\",\"show_fading\":\"1\",\"custom\":\n" + "\"0\"};\n" + "var ratings_mouseover_image=new \n" + "Image();ratings_mouseover_image.src=\"\n" + "s_crystal/rating_over.gif\";;\n" + "/* ]]> */</script><script type='text/javascript' \n" + "src=''></script><sc\n" + "ript type='text/javascript'>/* <![CDATA[ */\n" + "var searchwp_live_search_params = [];\n" + "searchwp_live_search_params = \n" + "{\"ajaxurl\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/wp-admin\\/admin-ajax.php\",\"origin_id\":2771238,\"config\":{\"default\":{\n" + "\"engine\":\"default\",\"input\":{\"delay\":300,\"min_chars\":3},\"results\":{\"position\":\"bottom\",\"width\":\"auto\",\"off\n" + "set\":{\"x\":0,\"y\":5}},\"spinner\":{\"lines\":12,\"length\":8,\"width\":3,\"radius\":8,\"scale\":1,\"corners\":1,\"color\":\"\n" + "#424242\",\"fadeColor\":\"transparent\",\"speed\":1,\"rotate\":0,\"animation\":\"searchwp-spinner-line-fade-quick\",\"d\n" + "irection\":1,\"zIndex\":2000000000,\"className\":\"spinner\",\"top\":\"37px\",\"left\":\"50%\",\"shadow\":\"0 0 1px \n" + "transparent\",\"position\":\"absolute\"}}},\"msg_no_config_found\":\"Kh\\u00f4ng th\\u1ea5y c\\u1ea5u h\\u00ecnh \n" + "h\\u1ee3p l\\u1ec7!\",\"aria_instructions\":\"Live search edited by HuyHo.\"};;\n" + "/* ]]> */</script><script type='text/javascript' \n" + "src='\n" + "n.js?ver=1.4.4'></script><script type='text/javascript'>/* <![CDATA[ */\n" + "var KDN_JS_Localize = {\"ajax_url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/wp-admin\\/admin-ajax.php\",\"js_cron\":\"0\"};\n" + "/* ]]> */</script><script type='text/javascript' \n" + "src='\n" + ".6'></script><script type='text/javascript' \n" + "src=''></script><a href=\"#\" \n" + "id=\"goTop\"><span class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-circle-arrow-up\"></span></a></body></html>\n"; final Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(regex, Pattern.MULTILINE | Pattern.DOTALL); final Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(string); while (matcher.find()) { System.out.println("Full match: " +; for (int i = 1; i <= matcher.groupCount(); i++) { System.out.println("Group " + i + ": " +; } } } }

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