Regular Expressions 101

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  • PCRE2 (PHP >=7.3)
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(?s)(?:Website : )(.*?)(?:\n)
match the remainder of the pattern with the following effective flags: gms
s modifier: single line. Dot matches newline characters
Non-capturing group
(?:Website : )
Website :
matches the characters Website : literally (case sensitive)
1st Capturing Group
matches any character
*? matches the previous token between zero and unlimited times, as few times as possible, expanding as needed (lazy)
Non-capturing group
\n matches a line-feed (newline) character (ASCII 10)
Global pattern flags
g modifier: global. All matches (don't return after first match)
m modifier: multi line. Causes ^ and $ to match the begin/end of each line (not only begin/end of string)
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