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  • Any digit
  • Any non-digit
  • Any word character
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  • Match everything enclosed
  • Capture everything enclosed
  • Zero or one of a
  • Zero or more of a
  • One or more of a
  • Exactly 3 of a
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  • Between 3 and 6 of a
  • Start of string
  • End of string
  • A word boundary
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# coding=utf8 # the above tag defines encoding for this document and is for Python 2.x compatibility import re regex = r""" ^ (?<frequency>[0-9]+) \W+ (?<word>\pL+(?:,\h\pL+|\W)*) \h+ (?<gender> [\pL()]+ (?:, \h* [\pL()]+)* ) \h+ (?<word_en> [^•]*[^•\s]) \h* \R • \h* (?<sent_esp> [^–]*[^\s–] ) \s*–\s* (?<sent_en> .* (?:\R .*)*? ) \h* \R (?<num1> [0-9]+) \h* \| \h* (?<num2> .*\S) """ test_str = ("1\n\n" "el, la art the (+m, f)\n" "• el diccionario tenía también frases útiles – the dictionary also had\n" "useful phrases\n" "2055835 | 201481381\n\n" "2\n\n" "de prep of, from\n" "• es el hijo de un amigo mío – he is the son of a friend of mine\n" "1104364 | 133341468\n\n" "3\n\n" "que conj that, which\n" "• dice que no quiere estudiar – he says that he doesn’t want to\n" "study\n" "543408 | 70319525\n\n" "4\n\n" "y conj and\n" "• saben leer y escribir – they know how to read and write\n" "524574 | 56511956\n\n" "5\n\n" "en prep in, on\n" "• vivo en el segundo piso – I live on the second floor\n" "496295 | 49340069\n\n" "6\n\n" "un art a, an\n" "• era un hombre simpático – he was a nice man\n" "381976 | 37389547\n\n" "7\n\n" "ser v to be (norm)\n" "• la primera persona narrativa puede ser por el protagonista – the\n" "first-person narrative can be through the protagonist\n" "324390 | 40017214\n\n" "8\n\n" "a prep to, at\n" "• me voy al extranjero por el verano – I am going abroad for the\n" "summer\n" "328540 | 48746618\n\n" "9\n\n" "él pron he, [ellos] them (m)\n" "• él es bastante simpático – he is very nice\n" "428383 | 2743194\n\n" "10\n\n" "lo art the (+neut)\n" "• lo mejor es estudiar mucho – the best thing is to study a lot\n" "346026 | 31016059\n\n" "11\n\n" "no adv no\n" "• no tiene dinero – he has no money\n" "198473 | 21970515 +o\n\n" "12\n\n" "su adj his/her/their/your (–fam)\n" "• ¿Quién era? ¿Su hermana? ¿Su amiga? – Who was it? His sister?\n" "Her friend?\n" "173372 | 17883988\n\n" "13\n\n" "haber v to have (+Ved)\n" "• no ha dicho nada – he hasn’t said a thing\n" "155853 | 15650271\n\n" "14\n\n" "con prep with\n" "• hay un hombre con ella – there is a man with her\n" "163958 | 18316135\n\n" "15\n\n" "por prep by, for, through\n" "• caminamos por el parque – we walked through the park\n" "174450 | 17512892\n\n" "16\n\n" "para prep for, to, in order to\n" "• ¡Tengo una sorpresa sensacional para ti! – I have a wonderful\n" "surprise for you!\n" "112694 | 16947562\n\n" "17\n\n" "mí pron me (obj prep)\n" "• el regalo era para mí – the gift was for me\n" "114124 | 608449 +o\n\n" "18\n\n" "lo pron [3rd person] (dir obj-m)\n" "• lo compré en la tienda – I bought it at the store\n" "101112 | 5126699 +o\n\n" "19\n\n" "tener v to have\n" "• Mi padre tiene varios relojes antiguos. – My father has several\n" "antique watches.\n" "85865 | 11087983 +o\n\n" "20\n\n" "como conj like, as\n" "• ser compositor en España es como ser torero en Finlandia –\n" "being a composer in Spain is like being a bullfighter in Finland\n" "98660 | 12480595\n\n" "21\n\n" "estar v to be (location, change from norm)\n" "• él está en el trabajo – he is at work\n" "88421 | 9574000\n\n" "22\n\n" "me pron me (obj)\n" "• ¿Cuando me va a llamar? – When is he going to call me?\n" "64024 | 8211349 +o\n\n" "23\n\n" "más adj more\n" "• él necesitaba más dinero – he needed more money\n" "86998 | 9003898\n\n" "24\n\n" "este adj this (m) [esta (f)]\n" "• es igual en el este como en el oeste – it is the same in the east as\n" "in the west\n" "73920 | 13208363\n\n" "25\n\n" "le pron [3rd person] (indir obj)\n" "• nunca le dijo la verdad – she never told him the truth\n" "64833 | 7787199\n\n" "26\n\n" "hacer v to do, make\n" "• he podido hacer lo que me gusta – I have been able to do what I\n" "like\n" "64199 | 8808576\n\n" "27\n\n" "se pron [“reflexive” marker]\n" "• el saber de los geógrafos griegos se difundió por Europa – Greek\n" "knowledge of geography spread throughout Europe\n" "60393 | 28984360 +w\n\n" "28\n\n" "yo pron I (subj)\n" "• ¡Yo soy el padre! – I am the father!\n" "45822 | 10894793 +o +w\n\n" "29\n\n" "o conj or\n" "• sí esperaba uno o dos muertos – yes, he expected one or two\n" "deaths\n" "71054 | 9100644\n\n" "30\n\n" "pero conj but, yet, except\n" "• no significa nada para mí, pero no puedo olvidarla – it means\n" "nothing to me, but I can’t forget it\n" "66748 | 6871867\n\n" "31\n\n" "decir v to tell, say\n" "• Parece que dice la verdad. – It seems like he is telling the truth.\n" "61678 | 6016427 +o\n\n" "32\n\n" "poder v to be able to, can\n" "• Con estos datos se puede tener una primera idea del\n" "mecanismo. – With these facts we can begin to understand the\n" "mechanism\n" "61177 | 9248731\n\n" "33\n\n" "ir v to go\n" "• ¿Quieres ir a la playa este fin de semana? – Do you want to go to\n" "the beach this weekend?\n" "52054 | 4435468 +o\n\n" "34\n\n" "ese adj that (m) [esa (f)]\n" "• ¿Dónde viven esas mujeres? – Where do these women live?\n" "48535 | 4683205 +o\n\n" "35\n\n" "otro adj other, another\n" "• No comparte su taxi nunca conotrosviajeros a menos que les\n" "conoce. – Don’t share your taxi with other travelers unless you\n" "know them.\n" "54762 | 5431865\n\n" "36\n\n" "si conj if, whether\n" "• si quiere cazar, vamos a cazar – if he wants to hunt, let’s go\n" "hunting\n" "38328 | 6519137\n\n" "37\n\n" "mi adj my\n" "• mi casa es su casa – my house is your house\n" "34310 | 4766226\n\n" "38\n\n" "ver v to see\n" "• había que subir para ver las ruinas – you have to climb up to see\n" "the ruins\n" "39015 | 4122615\n\n" "39\n\n" "ya adv already, still\n" "• su marido ya ha dicho todo – her husband has already said it all\n" "37257 | 3961260 +o\n\n" "40\n\n" "porque conj because\n" "• lo vendo sólo porque tengo un problema muy grande – I am only\n" "selling it because I am in a predicament\n" "34109 | 3154550 +o\n\n" "41\n\n" "mucho adj much, many, a lot (ADV)\n" "• por lo visto tienen mucho dinero – apparently they have a lot of\n" "money\n" "35069 | 4459289 +o\n\n" "42\n\n" "dar v to give\n" "• me dio esta carta para ud – he gave me this letter for you\n" "32999 | 3900029 +o\n\n" "43\n\n" "muy adv very, really\n" "• está muy contento con mi trabajo – she is very happy with my\n" "work\n" "32854 | 3217244 +o\n\n" "44\n\n" "saber v to know (a fact), find out\n" "• se necesita humildad para saber reconocer las propias faltas –\n" "you need humility to know how to recognize your own faults\n" "27238 | 2642079 +o\n\n" "45\n\n" "sí adv yes\n" "• quiero una respuesta concreta: sí o no – I need a solid answer:\n" "yes or no\n" "31716 | 1100318 +o\n\n" "46\n\n" "año nm year\n" "• no lo supo hasta casi un año después – he didn’t find out until\n" "almost a year later\n" "37168 | 3792004\n\n" "47\n\n" "ti pron you (obj prep-sg/+fam)\n" "• no, la carta no es para ti – no, the letter is not for you\n" "29283 | 366540 +o\n\n" "48\n\n" "te pron you (obj/+fam)\n" "• ¿No te han hablado? – They haven’t spoken with you?\n" "19928 | 4017417 +o\n\n" "49\n\n" "también adv also\n" "• también habla italiano – she speaks Italian as well\n" "31172 | 3209504\n\n" "50\n\n" "qué pron what?, which?, how (+ADJ)!\n" "• no sé qué voy a hacer – I don’t know what I’m going to do\n" "29722 | 2317175 +o\n\n" "51\n\n" "alguno adj some, a few\n" "• habló algunas palabras con el agente de negocios – he spoke a\n" "few words with the business agent\n" "27224 | 3037373\n\n" "52\n\n" "nos pron us (obj)\n" "• nos vio en la calle – he saw us on the street\n" "17300 | 4445709 +o +w\n\n" "53\n\n" "tu adj your (+fam)\n" "• ésta es tu casa y ésta es tu cama – this is your house and this is\n" "your bed\n" "8068 | 7260841 +w\n\n" "54\n\n" "sin prep without\n" "• se habían quedado sin dinero – they were left without money\n" "25332 | 2499874\n\n" "55\n\n" "mismo adj same\n" "• pronunciando el mismo discurso en siete idiomas – giving the\n" "same speech in seven languages\n" "23973 | 3339470\n\n" "56\n\n" "eso pron that (n)\n" "• y eso no es todo – and that isn’t everything\n" "20972 | 2339488 +o\n\n" "57\n\n" "cuando adv when\n" "• aquel libro es de mis nietos, cuando eran bebes todavía – that\n" "book belonged to my grandchildren, when they were still babies\n" "32690 | 71759\n\n" "58\n\n" "querer v to want, love\n" "• quiero que este proceso salga con limpieza – I want this process\n" "to go cleanly\n" "20091 | 2897092\n\n" "59\n\n" "vez nf time (specific occurrence); en v. de: instead of\n" "• es la primera vez que estoy junto al mar – this is the first time\n" "that I have been near to the sea\n" "27629 | 1558559\n\n" "60\n\n" "hasta prep until, up to, even (ADV)\n" "• toda la noche, hasta las tres de la mañana – all night long, until\n" "three in the morning\n" "27638 | 2258791\n\n" "61\n\n" "la pron [3rd person] (dir obj-f)\n" "• la puso en su bolsillo – he put it in his pocket\n" "8190 | 7941346 +o +w\n\n" "62\n\n" "sobre prep on top of, over, about\n" "• dejó el papel sobre la mesa y se fue – he left the paper on top of\n" "the table and left\n" "26590 | 3030210\n\n" "63\n\n" "entre prep between, among\n" "• la cosa es entre tú y yo – the matter is between you and me\n" "32379 | 2607736\n\n" "64\n\n" "dos num two\n" "• la familia se reúne cada dos años – the family gets together every\n" "two years\n" "27487 | 2017874\n\n" "65\n\n" "día nm day\n" "• cada día hay más problemas – every day there are more\n" "problems\n" "20735 | 2577473\n\n" "66\n\n" "grande adj large, great, big\n" "• tiene los grandes ojos negros y bonitos – she has the biggest and\n" "most beautiful black eyes\n" "29813 | 2030849\n\n" "67\n\n" "así adv like that\n" "• la vida es así – life is like that\n" "21331 | 2321804\n\n" "68\n\n" "pasar v to pass, spend (time)\n" "• no ha pasado ni un bus – not a single bus has passed by\n" "20946 | 1905621\n\n" "69\n\n" "cosa nf thing\n" "• estoy ya interesado en otra cosa – I am interested in a different\n" "matter\n" "17977 | 1903169 +o\n\n" "70\n\n" "desde prep from, since\n" "• Lo habia pensado desde el principio que era una mal idea. – I\n" "thought from the beginning that this was a bad idea.\n" "24743 | 2424665\n\n" "71\n\n" "deber v should, ought to; to owe\n" "• la cosa está en el lugar donde debe estar – the thing is in the\n" "place where it should be\n" "19965 | 3248053\n\n" "72\n\n" "ella pron she, [ellas] them (f)\n" "• ella es muy estudiosa – she is very studious\n" "18720 | 1491405\n\n" "73\n\n" "pues conj then, well then\n" "• pues, venga usted cuando quiera – well then, come whenever\n" "you want\n" "18535 | 1210256 +o\n\n" "74\n\n" "entonces adv so, then\n" "• vamos entonces a cambiarlo – then we are going to change it\n" "19759 | 888406 +o\n\n" "75\n\n" "llegar v to arrive\n" "• por fin llegamos al fondo de la catarata – we finally arrived at the\n" "bottom of the waterfall\n" "18877 | 1848469\n\n" "76\n\n" "poco adj little, few, a little bit (adv)\n" "• trabajó poco tiempo con él – he worked a little while with him\n" "18209 | 1845555\n\n" "77\n\n" "nuestro adj our\n" "• no servía para nuestro país porque somos diferentes – it was no\n" "good for our contry because we’re different\n" "13411 | 3496070 +w\n\n" "78\n\n" "bien adv well\n" "• el número de bienes que pueda poseer en un momento dado –\n" "the number of goods one possesses in a given moment\n" "16402 | 1959560 +o\n\n" "79\n\n" "ni conj not even, neither, nor\n" "• pero ni eso me tranquilizó – but not even that reassured me\n" "16340 | 1927472\n\n" "80\n\n" "tiempo nm time (general)\n" "• ha estado mucho tiempo con ella – he has been with her a long\n" "time\n" "18408 | 1921017\n\n" "81\n\n" "ahora adv now\n" "• lo importante ahora es contarte lo que le pasó – the important\n" "thing now is to tell you what happened\n" "17072 | 1591817 +o\n\n" "82\n\n" "primero adj first\n" "• Primero, vamos a ir al supermercado. – First, we are going to go\n" "to the grocery store.\n" "20758 | 2484553\n\n" "83\n\n" "creer v to believe, think\n" "• creo en la justicia de Dios – I believe in the justice of God\n" "15928 | 1685972 +o\n\n" "84\n\n" "donde adv where\n" "• no sé donde está la llave – I don’t know where the key is\n" "17601 | 2151872\n\n" "85\n\n" "vida nf life\n" "• ha dedicado toda la vida a la música – she has dedicated her life\n" "to music\n" "15149 | 2424426\n\n" "86\n\n" "dejar v to let, leave\n" "• ella no dejó que yo lo olvidara – she didn’t let me forget it\n" "14241 | 1881239\n\n" "87\n\n" "nada pron nothing, (not) at all\n" "• no hay nada que hacer – there is nothing to do\n" "14024 | 1498787 +o\n\n" "88\n\n" "tanto adj so much, so many\n" "• no podía creer que haya tanta gente junta – I couldn’t believe\n" "there were so many people together\n" "16618 | 1960237\n\n" "89\n\n" "parecer v to seem, look like\n" "• Mi burra es tan flaca parece un esqueleto. – My donkey is so\n" "thin he looks like a skeleton.\n" "15096 | 1330117\n\n" "90\n\n" "hablar v to speak, talk\n" "• algunos hablan quechua, español, e inglés – some of them\n" "speak Quechua, Spanish, and English\n" "14325 | 1432852 +o\n\n" "91\n\n" "poner v to put (on), get (+ADJ)\n" "• puso el cuchillo en la mano – he put the knife in his hand\n" "14619 | 1657298\n\n" "92\n\n" "parte nf part, portion\n" "• el arte es una parte tan importante de la cultura – art is such an\n" "important part of culture\n" "20938 | 1744336\n\n" "93\n\n" "eh interj eh\n" "• Te interesa esta bufanda, ¿eh? – You are interested in this scarf,\n" "eh?\n" "16011 | 33653 +o\n\n" "94\n\n" "nuevo adj new\n" "• marcaba el comienzo de una nueva vida para mí – it marked the\n" "beginning of a new life for me\n" "19641 | 1964400\n\n" "95\n\n" "sólo adv only, just\n" "• no siempre vestía ropa de mujer; sólo en carnaval – I don’t\n" "always wear women’s clothes; only during carnival\n" "15824 | 2043480\n\n" "96\n\n" "siempre adv always, forever\n" "• siempre ha sido así – she has always been like that\n" "13141 | 1671829\n\n" "97\n\n" "hombre nm man, mankind, husband\n" "• yo soy un hombre de pocas necesidades – I am a man of few\n" "needs\n" "14773 | 1240825\n\n" "98\n\n" "bueno adv well . . .\n" "• Bueno, ¿y ahora qué hacemos? – Well, so what are we going to\n" "do now?\n" "15729 | 1108838 +o\n\n" "99\n\n" "seguir v to follow, keep on\n" "• no la puedo seguir porque habla demasiado rápido – I couldn’t\n" "keep up because she was speaking so quickly\n" "14081 | 1824937\n\n" "100\n\n" "quedar v to remain, stay\n" "• El aire empezó a quedarse quieto. – The air began to remain still.\n" "14040 | 1348837") subst = "\\1\\t\\2\\t\\3\\t\\4\\t\\5\\t\\6\\t" # You can manually specify the number of replacements by changing the 4th argument result = re.sub(regex, subst, test_str, 0, re.UNICODE | re.VERBOSE | re.MULTILINE) if result: print (result) # Note: for Python 2.7 compatibility, use ur"" to prefix the regex and u"" to prefix the test string and substitution.

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